BONUS! Episode 2

In this bonus episode we go back to where this podcast began at our first true recording session that wasn’t in a bar. We’ll cram into the Delorean and travel back in time to August 11th, 2020: a happier time immediately after NHL hockey returned from the first COVID hiatus. We are joined by good friend, sometimes teammate, step-podfather, and now technically first guest Rob Otero to talk about all things hockey news at the weird reboot of the season that August. Transport yourself to a time when the 2020 draft lottery balls had just dropped giving the Rangers the 1st pick, nobody had heard of Wordle, John Tortorella was still a coach, Trump was still in office, King Henrik still reigned, Carter Hart was good, Tony DeAngelo wasn’t universally hated, Evan was still an unabashed Blackhawks fan, and people all thought Alexis Lafreniere would be an instant star. In this meandering discussion we address rage levels at different places pick 1 might have gone, playoff series in the bubble, renaming Columbus, going to mass at Jagr Church, and the imminent forming of the Seattle Kraken, amongst many other topics.

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