Episode 67

New episode who dis? Episode 67 is out and it’s not nearly as depressing as the last. We do have to talk about the fallout of Mel Pearson’s firing from the University of Michigan, but other than that we touch on a ton of endings like Joe Thornton’s career, Robin Lehner’s 2022-23, Max Pacioretty’s momentary but always precipitous health, Eddie Olczyk’s time in Chicago and more. We also talk about Minnesota’s awful decision to have a Law Enforcement Appreciation Night in a city that just sentenced several of its officers to prison sentences for murdering a black man, noted homophobe, transphobe, all of the -phobes Bill Haslam purchasing the Nashville Predators and Cale Makar’s day with the cup. Join us for all of this and – if you can believe it – even more shenanigans and indictments of toxic hockey culture. Thanks for listening. 

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